The Olive Trees Cultivation

The trees on the Vahaviolos farm are grown exclusively using organic means, and the family has already commenced the certification process to document decades of organic farming. At harvest time the young shoots are carefully selected to yield fruit for the next year, and only unproductive shoots and twigs that prevent proper ventilation of the tree are pruned. After more substantial branches have been pruned and retained to serve as fuel, residual branches and leaves remaining from the harvest are processed through wood chip machines (rather than burning them), which creates a rich humus for the property and acts as an organic fertilizer. Further fertilization of the grove is performed by applying adequate amounts of sheep manure year-round. For the treatment of pests and diseases (such as olive fruit fly and Pseudococcus), a homemade liquid of water expelled from soaking in blue vitriol stones is microsprayed strategically on the trees. The farm also produces its own “glue traps” for containing any outbreak of the olive fruit fly, thanks to an original recipe based on molasses and other completely harmless substances, to humans and the tree, that are decoratively hung on tree branches.